The below is a speech written by Margaret Price – the parent of a student at Chicago Bulls College Prep (CBCP). This speech was delivered to the Chicago Public Schools Board of Directors on February 28th, 2018. CBCP is a part of the Noble Network of Charter Schools and is located on Chicago’s West Side.

Hello my name is Margaret Price. I am a proud parent of a Chicago Bulls sophomore. I also grew up in the Chicago public School system. I’m a proud alumna of Paul Robeson High School. I live in the Roosevelt Square area. I am here to speak to the board about my work as an engaged parent in my community.

My son is a student who receives special ed services. Because of that, I am always involved to make sure that he gets his services and accommodations. I am very close to his case manager at Chicago Bulls College Prep who remains in constant communication with me and his teachers.

I am not just involved in his day to day education, but I also make sure I am informed about education on the West Side and at Noble. I recently attended the Elected Official State of Education on the West Side Conference this past weekend. I also attended the State of Education of the African American Male Conference. I learned a lot about what is happening in our communities and other schools and what our rights are as parents. I learned that I am called on to be a parent ambassador and work to make other parents aware of what is happening in the community and the school system. Not only am I concerned about what is happening to my child, but it is in me to equip other parents of what their rights are and I will continue to do so.

I also went to Springfield two weeks ago with a group of Noble parents who were able to meet with elected officials to thank them for passing the bill, which created a more equitable funding formula.

There are many Noble parents just like me, who are active and civically engaged in their communities to make sure all of our children are getting the resources they need to obtain a great education in the public school system, which Noble is a part of. Know that our Noble parents will continue to work to be a voice for all students.

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