Qasim Reham, Biology Instructor, Mansueto High School

1. What high school did you attend? Dow High School in Midland, Michigan

2. What is the most interesting or unusual job you have ever had? 

When I was in high school, a neighbor of ours had recently started his own business and he asked me to help him in the summers with odd jobs (landscaping, assembling magnetic clutches, etc.). He was an extremely hard worker and I was able to witness him turn his ideas from a work-bench in his basement to a very profitable business. As a high schooler, watching someone become successful through hard work was pretty impactful. Also, I grew up in a household that was mostly female, so he made a pretty good male role model.

3. What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

I enjoy spending times with friends and family, taking naps, and playing basketball. I also really like animals, so going to the zoo, or at least looking at animals on Instagram, is pretty fun.

4. Give one highlight of your work so far at Noble

There is a Dunkin Donuts around the corner from our school. Sometimes before school, I’ll see students working on their homework inside. I’m pretty fascinated by the fact that 14-17 year olds are willing to wake up even earlier than normal to make sure their work is done. Sure, they may be better off doing their work at home, but then I wonder “What was I doing at 6:30 a.m. when I was 14?” I was sleeping. Even our procrastinators are doing more than I did.

5. Who is a role model or hero of yours and why?

Without any question, my mother, Talha Rehman. I’d never be able to put into words what she meant to me, my family, and so many others in her community. My best qualities come from her, and I will always work to highlight those qualities in myself so she can always live through me and others.  

Dulce Baez, Freshman, Mansueto High School

1. How would you describe Mansueto High School (MHS)?

 I would describe Mansueto as a place where you can learn new things every day and receive the support that you need from any staff member.

2. What is your favorite part about going to school at MHS? 

My favorite part about going to Mansueto High School is how each teacher motivates you and pushes you to try your best and never quit.

3. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

 My biggest accomplishment so far has been completing all of my community service hours.

4. What is your dream job or dream college? My dream job is to be a registered nurse.

At Noble, we are college bound. As the largest charter public school network in Chicago, Noble’s high school program exposes our students to higher education options and guides them through the collegiate application process. Through college trips, college fairs, summer college immersion programs and required academic courses, Noble demystifies the college experience and shapes students’ beliefs and confidence about higher education.

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