Tarah Hunt is a mother for four and an instructional assistant at Medgar Evers School. Ms. Hunt has well over eight years of experience working in education and has been an active parent leader for almost 20 years when her eldest child started preschool. She is the mother of twin daughters who currently attend Hansberry College Prep. 

How did you learn about Noble Network? Why did you choose to send your child to a Noble school?

Ms. Hunt: Ms. Shelley came to their elementary school to talk about Hansberry. Ms. Shelley was super nice. Our neighborhood school was not academically succeeding and all of my older children were honor students and I wanted my twins to continue on that path. Hansberry has an IB program. They are both special needs and Hansberry was ideal because of the small setting. The staff were all very friendly. My twins have been honor students all four years, they have never had LaSalle. They are coming out of their shell. They volunteer a lot with their academic advisors in the classrooms.

How has Noble impacted your family’s life?

Ms. Hunt: I have been a Hansberry PAC leader for the last three years. The school has a welcoming environment to parents. It is a great educational option in my neighborhood.

Why do you continue to be an advocate for Noble schools?

Ms. Hunt: Because I think education choice is important. Parents need options when the traditional school is not the best option.

What advice do you have for current or future Noble parents?

Ms. Hunt: Get involved, stay involved. Statistics show that if you are involved at your students’ school then they are more likely to succeed.

At Noble, we are college bound. As the largest charter public school network in Chicago, Noble’s high school program exposes our students to higher education options and guides them through the collegiate application process. Through college trips, college fairs, summer college immersion programs and required academic courses, Noble demystifies the college experience and shapes students’ beliefs and confidence about higher education.
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