Olamide Babtunde is the Director of the Alumni Career Office which supports Noble Alumni in their professional careers. This office is also responsible for reviewing resumes and connecting alumni with a larger network of employers and professionals in the Greater Chicago Area. 

How are you making Black History?

Noble created our first Alumni Career Office in 2016 and we’re making Black History by leading the initiative to improve the employment outcomes for our alumni. In two years, we have increased the full-time/graduate school outcomes for our black and brown college graduates from 41% to 76%. That’s Black History.

What do you want your legacy to be defined as?

I want my legacy to be one of empowerment. I love the work we do here at Noble because we empower our students and alumni to reach heights they never imagined possible. I hope that I can leave this earth knowing that I’ve empowered as many students and staff as possible.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Black History Month to me means remembering and celebrating the accomplishments, sacrifices, and contributions that have been made by the black community. It means keeping the culture alive and creating a space for pride, belonging, and empowerment to be felt by those in the community.

At Noble, we are college bound. As the largest charter public school network in Chicago, Noble’s high school program exposes our students to higher education options and guides them through the collegiate application process. Through college trips, college fairs, summer college immersion programs and required academic courses, Noble demystifies the college experience and shapes students’ beliefs and confidence about higher education.

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