Naketa Jones is a staff member at Baker College Prep, a campus of the Noble Network of Charter Schools located in the South Chicago neighborhood.

How are you making an impact on society as a woman?

As a faith driven woman, I make an impact by connecting with others from all walks of life, validating their identity, and seeing the positive possibilities, in everyone that crosses my path. I do this in my roles of being a sister, friend, daughter, coworker, and as a mentor.

Ms. Jones poses with students at school dance. 

Why is Women’s History Month important?

Women’s History Month is important because there needs to be a place where women are recognized for the things that we do everyday. It’s these everyday things that help shape history, and it’s an honor to continue to be part of that.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

It means for me to constantly and consistently be in a place to help our students grow into strong and independent adults and to also teach them the value of reciprocating kindness. 

How do you define success?

Success has a different measurement for different people. It’s large and small accomplishments that mark progression. It means to constantly be working toward your goals while being creative.

At Noble, we are college bound. As the largest charter public school network in Chicago, Noble’s high school program exposes our students to higher education options and guides them through the collegiate application process. Through college trips, college fairs, summer college immersion programs and required academic courses, Noble demystifies the college experience and shapes students’ beliefs and confidence about higher education.

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