On Saturday,  March 23rd, Johnson College Prep hosted their third annual Male Leadership Luncheon. This luncheon provides young men with the opportunity to network alongside successful men of color in various professions. The students are able to discuss topics that include career, education, their life paths and their futures.  The luncheon also gives the male students an opportunity to learn more about etiquette such as tying a tie to  building healthy relationships. This year there were 60 male students that participated as well as 22 professional men.

“I really love the idea of men coming together in the black community and working together to be successful, I had a great time,” explained Carrington Smalls, a senior at Johnson College Prep.

“The lunch for 2019 was really fun, I really enjoyed myself and I all of the people that came to talk to us. I learned how to tie a tie today.  Everyone that came had a good time. There were all types of award given out today including “best dressed” and we really had fun. I hope to see everyone again next year,” said Johnson College Prep sophomore, DeLaneo Stigger, 

Check out the photos from the Male Leadership Luncheon below:

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