Matt Niksch, chief of college at Noble Network of Charter Schools was recently featured in an article in The 74. Niksch, is the creator of a software that helps student college selection. The 74 article is an excerpt from the Richard Whitmire book The B.A. Breakthrough: How Ending Diploma Disparities Can Change the Face of America.

“Based on the interviewing for this book, I can now admit that was an omission. In the world of charter school breakthroughs in college success, which I believe is their biggest contribution in the education field, Niksch (pronounced as in New York Knicks) is one of the biggest names out there — and the biggest name you’ve probably never run across.

Niksch occupies a unique position. He’s not a charter school founder, nor an operator. He’s a software guy, and his college-advising software programs, written for his Chicago-based Noble Network, have spread throughout the charter networks and now appear likely to get adopted by traditional school districts. A graduate of Purdue University, Niksch trained as an aerospace and electrical engineer. His father, also a Purdue graduate, was an aeronautical engineer; his mother graduated from Purdue with a degree in mathematics.”


Check out the full article on The 74 here:

At Noble, we are college bound. As the largest charter public school network in Chicago, Noble’s high school program exposes our students to higher education options and guides them through the collegiate application process. Through college trips, college fairs, summer college immersion programs and required academic courses, Noble demystifies the college experience and shapes students’ beliefs and confidence about higher education.

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