Hansberry College Prep Seniors participated in an eight-week intensive aptly named “Build Your Brand”. Students learned how to create and improve their personal brand through participation in classes with topics in critical thinking, professionalism and personal branding, technology, and financial literacy. The culmination of the intensive was the “Interview and Career Encounter Day” where approximately 45 professionals came in to conduct mock interviews, group interviews and career workshops. Every senior was given the option to wear their “business professional” interview attire and participated in two – 10-minute mock interviews. Interviewers scored each student and provided feedback on how to improve their interviewing skills while also giving general professionalism advice. Students with the highest interview scores will have the opportunity to attend a field trip to the Chicago Google Office. Students also participated in a case study style group interview and received feedback from professionals on how they presented themselves in a group interview setting. Students ended the day attending two workshops of their choice where they learned about a career and did a hands-on activity that allowed them to encounter the skills needed for a particular career. Workshop topics were nursing/medicine, computer science/coding, marketing, entrepreneurship, and real estate; all workshops were facilitated by professionals in those industries.

Hansberry College Prep senior, Allyson White recapped her experience at the Build Your Brand workshop: 

Build Your Brand has beautifully redefined the expectations of Hansberry College Prep’s seniors into profound ways of thinking, it was a life changing experience. Through an eight-week interactive series of collaborative learning, we had the opportunity to learn about critical thinking, careers and professionalism, technology, and financial literacy. From the dedicated and conscious efforts of our teachers, and patience of the motivated seniors, students are raving about our priceless experiences and our extensive depths of knowledge, in which we will undoubtedly incorporate into our post-secondary learning environments and communities as well. 

At the completion of Build Your Brand, we had the opportunity of demonstrating our growth and poise to other professionals, with the hopes of receiving high scores for a trip to Google. Before interviews were conducted, we constructed our resumes and dressed professionally to convey an astounding sense of individuality and expression. Because students received hands-on preparation and different forms of moral support, students were highly anticipating the interviews. In fact, students even resembled the perseverance of our educators, being that these teachers have put forth great commitments and notions of diligence as well.

We believe that students at Hansberry are agents of change, which is why I am extremely blessed to say that Build Your Brand has exceptionally brought forth changes to the mindsets of all seniors. In essence, Build Your Brand has greatly influenced the work ethic of the senior class, creating an ardent desire of self-improvement and personal responsibility. We are positive leaders within our communities, which has evoked a righteous and steadfast future for tomorrow. In closing, Build Your Brand has excellently revealed itself as entirely purposeful and impactful into our world today.

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