Joshua Houston, a senior at UIC College Prep was recently named  Youth of the Year by the  Boys & Girls Club. Each year, one teen from each Boys & Girls Club is selected to serve as an ambassador for Boys & Girls Club youth as well as be a voice for youth across the nation. The five regional winners and one national military youth winner advance to the National Youth of the Year Gala & Celebration Dinner. During this dinner one person is named the Youth of the Year and will be a leader and advocate for the Boys & Girls Club which service 4 million youth a year.

Houston admitted he was not exactly a stranger to the process, as his sister, Mikealah, was a candidate in the Youth of the Year competition last year. Houston also has started an after-school poetry program and serves as a leader of the Peacemaker’s Club, a joint program of the Boys & Girls Club and After School Matters, which includes open mic opportunities for youngsters to talk about violence and its causes.” 

Check out the full Gazette Chicago here:

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