This past July, the Government and Community Affairs team at  Noble Network of Charter Schools hosted two Parent Celebrations for the upcoming school year. The Parent Celebrations are a way for Noble to honor and celebrate our Parent Advocates and all of their hard work throughout the last school year. This work includes PAC meetings, their participations in the Parent Leadership Series as well as their advoacy work and participation in events such as Lobby Day. 

Both events had a number of guests that included parents, students, community and elected officials. The South Side celebration had 50 attendees and the celebration on the North West and South West sides had 80 ppl attendees.

At the South Side event Ald. Howard B. Brookins (21st Ward), a liasion from the office of State Representative Lamont Robinson (5th District) and Ald. David Moore (11th ward). 

On the North West and South West event there was community representation from the liasiaon from the office of Cook County Board Commissioner Dennis Deer’s (2nd District), and represenatives from Gardeneers. 

Check out a few photos from the parent celebration events below: 

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