The Noble Network of Charter Schools is proud to announce its Pritzker Access Scholarship (PAS) program has been recognized as an Examples of Excelencia Program to Watch. The program is one of only 36 recognized from across the United States.

The Pritzker Access Scholarship aims to remove the financial barriers to college access and persistence for Noble’s undocumented students. These exceptional students have an immigration status which prevents them from obtaining government-sponsored financial aid that is otherwise available to students of similar income demographics. The program provides eligible undocumented students with up to $12,000 in scholarship support per year for four years of college.

Noble adds even more value to the Pritzker Access Scholarship award by guaranteeing intensive support from a full-time alumni supports manager. “I remain in constant contact with scholarship recipients during their college journey,” said Reina Garcia, Noble’s DREAMer supports manager. “The one-on-one support I’m able to provide for every student that needs assistance navigating the complex world of higher education has been an effective strategy, especially because the vast majority of scholarship awardees are the first in their families to attend college.”
The scholarship program’s successes are substantial. 76% of the Class of 2019 matriculated into college. This past spring, 60% of the original cohort of Pritzker Access Scholars graduated within four years of enrolling in college. Over 70% are on track to earn a bachelor’s degree by May 2020 – more than double the national average for all Americans. Nationally, only 5% of undocumented high school graduates will go on to earn a four-year college degree. “The dedicated support and commitment Noble has provided for undocumented students and families has led us towards unprecedented success for Noble alumni,” said Dr. Aidé Acosta, Noble’s senior director of alumni supports and director of the PAS program.

Examples of Excelencia is a national effort by Excelencia in Education to bring attention to evidence-based practices that work for Latinx students in higher education. The Pritzker Access Scholarship program is one of only 36 recognized programs selected from 166 nominated programs from 32 states, DC and Puerto Rico. Learn more about the programs recognized and their efforts to serve Latinx students in higher education.

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