Noble Network of Charter Schools had the opportunity to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month. This year, Noble celebrated the accomplishments of Alfonso Cuarón, Olga D. González-Sambria and Jaime Escalante. 

Several campuses at Noble  submitted photos and shared stories from staff and students as they celebrated from September 15th-October 15th. 

Check out how Latinx Heritage Month was celebrated across Noble:

Hispanic Heritage Month is not only a time to celebrate the contribution of Hispanic/Latinos on our nation/society, but it is a time to be prideful of our culture, our roots, our parent’s values. It is incredible to recognize how Latinidad unites us, but also celebrates our unique differences, stories, and traditions. As we seek to be more like those before us; strong, humble, and hardworking, we also rise to the occasion to validate our courage to be our true authentic selves. HHM is an important month to highlight because it reminds us to keep acknowledging our history and celebrating our futures as we strive to continue to make Positive Multigenerational Changes. – Zarai Zaragoza, UICCP

Noble is proud to announce its Pritzker Access Scholarship (PAS) program has been recognized as an Examples of Excelencia Program to Watch. The program is one of only 36 recognized from across the United States.  PAS aims to remove the financial barriers to college access and persistence for Noble’s undocumented students. These exceptional students have an immigration status which prevents them from obtaining government-sponsored financial aid that is otherwise available to students of similar income demographics. The program provides eligible undocumented students with up to $12,000 in scholarship support per year for four years of college.

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