Marnie Banks-Trotter is a native of Chicago. Ms. Banks-Trotter has lived all over the city of Chicago but currently resides on the South Side where she was raised. Ms. Banks Trotter has a background in civil rights and along with her husband is a minister. Her husband recently started as a substitute teacher at Noble. He volunteers every morning with Rob Vega and the Rauner College Prep Jazz Band. Ms. Banks-Trotter is also a grandparent and the mother of a sophomore at Rauner College Prep. 

How did you learn about Noble Network? Why did you choose to send your child to a Noble school?

Ms. Banks-Trotter: I have a student at Rauner College Prep. She just started her sophomore year. She is an honors student. I chose Rauner because of it’s high ranking. When we were looking for high schools we went through both lists of selective enrollment and non selective enrollment. We were looking for Level 1+ schools and Rauner was on that list. Once we did some more researching on ranking and visited I was sold. 

How has Noble impacted your family’s life?

Ms. Banks-Trotter: Noble has greatly impacted our lives because the school was chosen originally from the ranking but once we enrolled and became acclimated to it and learned more of the systems that they used and we were so impressed at how it truly is a college prep school not just in name but truly in it’s model. It really struck a chord for us. Once we got to know how the teachers operated and dealt with their students in terms of offering office hours and how dedicated the teachers were it really made a huge difference but also the accountability of the teachers and the school was great. There was real life application that we appreciated for our student. We saw the long term picture.

Why do you continue to be an advocate for Noble schools?

Ms. Banks-Trotter: I believe in our schools. The goal of not just getting to college but getting through college. The quality of teaching our students receive is amazing to us. Mr. Vega with band is amazing. The level of discipline and accountability that it comes to that. I was so impressed with his band program. My student elevated her game because the teachers are setting the bar high for her.

What advice do you have for current or future Noble parents?

Ms. Banks-Trotter: I would say that it’s about your outlook and how you embrace what is before you. I strongly encourage parents to join the parent action council because you experience the school in a different perspective. You see and understand the inner-workings of how things are done and why things are done. It’ll give you more respect to what our teachers do for our students. Stay on top of Power School. You can go at any given time to see where your child is on a academic level and discipline level. Noble makes it easy for you to be involved.

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