As college acceptances are beginning to be sent to seniors across the country, Noble seniors have an impressive number of acceptances and scholarships. Among the hundreds of early acceptances: nine Noble seniors have received Questbridge Scholarships, nine have received Posse Scholarships, and one has received a Golden Door Scholarship. These are among the most prestigious and competitive scholarships available to high school seniors heading to college. 

“At Noble, we graduate about 3,000 students each year from our non-selective, open-enrollment public charter schools. Virtually all of these high school graduates will be accepted into college, and compared to their peers, a far higher percentage will also graduate from college,” said Dr. Aide Acosta, Noble’s Chief College Officer. “Our alumni’s success is the foremost priority of Noble’s unique college counseling team that stays connected with graduates through their college years.”


Within the Class of 2020, 26 seniors have already received full-ride scholarships. For example, Jaylen Starr, a senior at Noble’s Chicago Bulls College Prep, learned this week he has been awarded the prestigious full-ride Questbridge Scholarship to Columbia University in New York City valued at over $200,0000. 

Noble seniors have also received early admissions to elite schools such as Stanford Univerity, Middlebury College, Wesleyan University, and the University of Pennsylvania. These college decisions follow groundbreaking new research published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which found that Noble high schools boost achievement sharply for students just below the cutoff for selective enrollment schools. Also, the 2019 School Quality Rating Policy (SQRP) placed Noble public charter high schools in 10 of the top 12 ranking slots, including four of the top five spots. In addition, Chicago Magazine named Noble schools as 13 of the top 40 high schools in the city and the Nice research group named all 17 Noble high schools to their list of the top 30 charter schools in Illinois.

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