At Noble, we understand that a state ID card could impact everything from an interaction at a bank, applying for jobs, or even registering to vote. In addition, for safety purposes, it is important, and commonplace for young people to have at least one form of identification on their person, in the case of an emergency.

In an effort to ensure our scholars have access to proper identification such as state ID cards, Noble’s Government & Community Affairs Team partnered with the Illinois Secretary of State, to facilitate mobile state ID drives at multiple campus locations across the network. This provided a unique opportunity for scholars to apply for and receive their IDs during a school day, essentially eliminating a trip to the Secretary of State.

This is the perfect time to get my state ID, which I should have gotten a long time ago, but I’m excited to be getting it here today. I’ll use my ID to get a job and take trips. I’ve been traveling without an ID and now with my ID I’ll be able to do more of that.

Spencer C.

Junior, Gary Comer College Prep

After surveying just a few campuses, we identified over five hundred scholars that didn’t have state IDs. The implementation of this plan directly resulted in an increase of the number of Noble students registered to vote during our voter registration drive, as an ID number serves as a qualifier. 

Our focus was on junior & senior scholars during the rollout of the initiative. The first campuses to participate in the drive were south side campuses: Gary Comer College Prep and Johnson College Prep. Hansberry College Prep, Rowe Clark Math & Science Academy and UIC College Prep were the next campuses to follow. Out of those six campuses, we successfully secured nearly 200 new state IDs for students in the span of two months!

If you are interested in your campus participating in the State ID drive or want more information, please reach out to Community Organizer, Amirius Clinton at


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