Ahead of early voting by dozens of students from Chicago’s Pritzker College Prep, earlier this month, students and staff from the Noble Network of Charter Schools delivered over 2,100 students’ new voter registration forms to the Cook County Board of Elections. 

“It is important that we register to vote so that everyone has a voice,” said Jada Banks, senior at Muchin College Prep in the Loop. “I’m currently in an AP Comparative Politics class, so I’m learning more about what is going on in the world, and it is inspiring me to be more active and make a change in the world”

Noble schools are not able to engage in any sort of political action or support any political candidates, and no portion of the voter registration process implied any sort of endorsement for or against any candidates or potential candidates. Noble schools simply made voter registration forms available and answered their questions through the registration process. Through the help of an online platform provided by Gads Hill Center and on the ground support from the League of Women’s Voters, Noble was able to register the largest number of eligible students ever. 

“Our Noble students spend a significant amount of time attending class, studying, commuting, working, participating in extracurricular activities, and being active members of their families and communities. We felt it was important to simplify the voter registration experience by making the process convenient and removing any potential bureaucratic barriers,” said Ellen Moiani, a Senior Organizer for Noble. “The registration results were a tremendous start towards the goal of having all our eligible students become voters.”

On Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 over 50 Pritzker College Prep students traveled to the Loop Super Site polling place at 191 N. Clark Street. Before heading to the polls all of the students and newly registered voters gathered at the Harold Washington Library to complete their research on the ballot and the candidates. 

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