Since the beginning of May, every Wednesday evening at 8 pm, Sean Cattouse, PE Teacher at Rauner College Prep, has dedicated 30 minutes to leading Noble students, staff, and community through a mindful yoga session. While many pictures a yoga session in a room together with others – Cattouse’s yoga sessions are a bit different – they are done completely virtual on Instagram Live through @BeNobleFit. 

Cattouse started his Yoga career as a student-athlete at the University of California as a way to increase his flexibility for football. He continued to practice yoga here and there, until 2018 when he decided to join a certification program to become a yoga teacher. Cattouse said chose to become certified because “I realized I was in need of some self-care routines that were healthy and beneficial to bringing peace and happiness into my life.” Yoga has made a huge impact on him, becoming a tool to help balance his life. He points out that “there is a ton of demand and responsibility that I hold and yoga/meditation gives me a way to keep myself at peace through it all.”

Seeing the impact yoga had made on his own life, Cattouse also brought yoga into his NobleFit classroom at Rauner. “I would have specific days (1-2 times a month) that would be strictly yoga sessions. I would use them as recovery days for my classes that worked really hard for a couple weeks straight,” Cattouse explained. His students would also meditate for 3-5 minutes every class, often asking if they could extend their meditation time.

Now, yoga sessions look a bit different for Cattouse, as he sits alone in a room leading students through a phone-recorded Instagram Live. Though it may not feel exactly the same as an in-person session, he would love to see more students and Noble families joining in on the Wednesday session. “I know that there is a ton of stress, worry, and anxiety with everything that is going on in our world today. I know and believe wholeheartedly, that if more students and families joined our yoga community, they would find a ton of peace and bliss in their lives as well.”   

You can join in on Cattouse’s NobleFit Mindful Yoga Sessions every Wednesday at 8 pm on @BeNobleFit ‘s Instagram Live. All previous sessions are also kept on @BeNobleFit ‘s IGTV channel, allowing you to do yoga at any time if you can’t make it Wednesday nights.

To those hesitant to start out their Yoga journey, Cattouse says “TRUST ME. Give it a TRY. You won’t regret it!”

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