Note: this post is part of a series about Noble’s preparation for the upcoming school year.

One huge challenge of remote learning is – of course – not seeing your students face to face every day. So how is Noble going to make sure students log on and learn? How will Noble keep track of students who might be falling behind? Moon Lee is the Chief of Data and Innovation at Noble and his team has been hard at work behind the scenes to create some tools to help for an upcoming school year like no other.

Moon’s prior experience as a chief technology officer and founder of multiple tech companies has prepared him well to lead this innovation work. We sat down with him for a conversation about those efforts, a part of that conversation is reproduced below.

MM: Moon, thanks for making the time! Could you just talk about your team and what they do?
ML: Of course, our data and innovation team creates tools and systems to allow staff at Noble to do their best work – so we create things like dashboards that highlight academic performance, or attendance, or discipline information that allow staff to analyze trends and then respond with interventions to meet students’ needs. For example, our team has created dashboards that pull together all the data from quarterly interim assessments and then teachers are able to use that data to understand where students are struggling and reteach challenging material.

MM: Shifting to the pandemic, how is your team thinking about this and what are you working on?
ML: So we think one of the major challenges will be attendance. We wanted to create a tool that automates reminders and makes sure every student is checking in and engaging in their remote learning plans. Right now we’ve designed a system in which every student will receive an email with a link to check-in every morning. The check-in will also ask students if they are encountering any barriers to learning each day so we can respond appropriately.  If a student doesn’t check-in by a certain time then they will get an additional email reminder as well. And then, if that nudge isn’t successful the plan is that parents and guardians will also receive an email message nudge. 

MM: That’s incredible, so where does this data go and what can teachers and staff do with it?
ML: That’s the power of this, so the data all flows into our school system – PowerSchool – and then is visible via our dashboards within Tableau. Advisors and teachers are able to see their students’ engagement and then follow up with one-on-one support. That’s the key here, the tool isn’t the solution, it’s what our incredible teachers and staff can do with it. Our support staff will then layer on our MTSS (multi-tiered support systems) supports as well and then our leaders can see at a macro level how our campuses and Noble as a whole are doing.

MM: Great to hear, I’m curious how these tools are developed and how they adapt?
ML: We think data and innovation is best informed by those who are using it – so all along through this process our Deans of Students and other staff at campuses and our network have informed the development and provided feedback as we showed versions. We’ll continue to adapt and add features and tweak design so this can be as effective as possible.

MM: Really excited to see where it goes, thanks so much for the time and sharing a bit about the project.

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