Each quarter,  Noble staff participates in two days of reflection and professional development (PD) as a network and at each campus. These days are critical for Noble teachers, administrators, and staff to review the progress of their students, reflect on wins and losses, collaborate with colleagues on best practices, and plan for the upcoming quarter. Each quarterly PD opens with an all-Noble staff gathering. Historically, staff would file into one of Noble’s campus gymnasiums with excitement and camaraderie; this year was a virtual gathering.

To open the all-staff session, CEO Constance Jones provided an update on Noble’s antiracist efforts. “After kick-off, our leadership team landed on our rally cry for the year. This is the thing we are charged with taking up every morning and thinking about. This is the thing we are checking in on each week in our leadership meetings. That rally cry is to, ‘Dismantle racism at Noble”,  she stated.

The opening session continued with speakers including Senior Director of Talent, Tanya Klinkachorn, to discuss how team Talent has taken a deep dive into new and existing hiring practices at Noble and how to make them more inclusive, diverse, and antiracist.

Noble Head of Schools, Ellen Metz, joined via video to give an update on work completed by the Noble Staff Retention Steering Committee. “When educators thrive our ability to drive extraordinary outcomes and experiences for students is enhanced; remote work has reinforced that belief tenfold.” 

Throughout the rest of the day,  Noble staff participated in a variety of professional development sessions with collaborative teams across campuses. Each campus will have time on day two, with their school teams to develop plans to improve practices for the coming quarter.

View the Q1 PD All Staff Opening video below.

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