Noble Family, 

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3rd, is Election Day. For over a century, social justice leaders fought for disenfranchised groups to be able to participate in Election Day. They paved the way for us to have the opportunity to choose who would lead us. Tomorrow, we all have the chance to honor those leaders and choose our leadership. Not only do we get to decide who will be president for the next four years, but we will also get to choose who our leadership will be here in Chicago and Illinois. If you haven’t already, please go out to vote tomorrow. 

As a reminder, Noble is a non-profit organization, which means we can not endorse any particular candidate, but we are working to ensure equity of representation and participation in the voting process. The late Congressman John Lewis once stated, “the vote is the most powerful non-violent tool we have,” and we are making sure we are empowering people to use it. This year, we have registered 2,252 students, families, and staff ahead of the election. Election Day, for the first time, will be a day off for Noble staff and students. Rowe Clark Math and Science Academy will serve as a voting site for the Humboldt Park community. Please take the time tomorrow, if you haven’t already, to go vote. Wear a mask, practice social distancing, be safe, and go get in good trouble!

This election season has been divisive. There has been so much negativity and hatred surrounding the campaign, and you have likely experienced some amount of anxiety or angst leading up to this election. As a Black woman, the stakes of this election feel heavier than normal. We’ve seen people of color experiencing racism, intimidation, and other forms of voter suppression. This election is critical, and our voices, and the voices of the Black and Brown families and communities we serve, must be heard. 

The vitriol from the campaign may not vanish tomorrow night. The feelings of fear and unease may not immediately go away once the election is decided. I also want to name the possibility that the election may not be decided tomorrow.

The outcome of this election will not define who we are at Noble. Our mission is unwavering. Our commitment to becoming an antiracist organization will not change with the results of the election. We will continue to provide safe spaces for our students, staff, and families to feel love, valued, and appreciated.

This entire campaign, our country has been pitted against one another, encouraged to be divided. We know that our work is too difficult to do alone; we can only accomplish our goals together. We’ve faced unthinkable adversity this year, and we’ve persevered, together. We will get through this election together. No matter what happens, we will still be one Noble family, and we will continue to get in good trouble. The pandemic didn’t cancel 2020, and the outcome of this election won’t either. 

Have a great week Noble Family, and go vote safely. 

With gratitude, 

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