This is part of a series of blogs from Noble campus representatives to give a deeper look at campus life. 

We have seen the word VOTE inundate our social media feeds. Celebrities urging us to vote. We have seen signs through our neighborhood. Walked by individuals asking us if we would like to register to vote. And if we have been lucky, friends and family who have also been asking, “are you registered?” “Did you get your mail-in-ballot yet?” And the most important question, “Who are you voting for?” 

In a time where our country feels flooded with quarantine restrictions, protests against racism, and Mother Earth’s fury due to climate change, it makes sense why the stress to vote is there. But, why is this year any different than the rest? 

For many Americans, this election year has been heightened by fear. 

Fear of picking the “right” leader to represent the people, fear of spreading COVID-19, and fear of  election fraud. This year, there were ten states that decided to conduct their voting entirely by mail. A decision supported by some and opposed by others.  

As we have during this election season, Noble has taken a stance that we will represent the interest of our community – it is simple, Black Lives Matter, Black Trans Lives Matter, No Human is “illegal”, and kids do not belong in cages. Denying these viewpoints is denying the very students that we serve; the families that we welcome in our doors, the staff that teach our students, and the communities of which our campuses are apart. During these times we refuse to acknowledge rhetoric that is hateful, harmful, and regressive. As Principal Ben Gunty, from Noble Street College Prep (the Original campus), said “Voting is the foundation of democracy. And while American democracy has a long history of racism and sexism, we can be a country of justice, equality, and freedom. We educate our students so that they can live the lives they want for themselves. Voting is an important way that we, as individuals, can use our voices to shape society to reflect what we want it to be.”

We are entrusted as a school and network to provide our students with an education that will offer them a life rich with options, and we must hold our elected officials accountable to do the same. We will use our voice to continuously demand that our leaders put our students first. That they create laws that are equitable. That the education of our students is funded equally and fairly. Therefore, we will continue to push for justice. Mr. Gunty is asking that you remember that “No matter where you stand politically, we all must understand how important the outcome of this election is for the future of America. The power to make a change is ultimately in our hands. So many people throughout history have sacrificed their time, their bodies, and even their lives to fight for the right to vote. I hope this election is a wake-up call for all of us to make our voices heard.”

Written by : Kimberly Rocha, Noble Street College Prep

Below are pictures shared by Noble staff, students, alumni, and families participating in American democracy by voting.

First picture, top row, are Noble Street College Prep staff: Top Row: Mr. Acosta, Ms. Sweet, Ms. Murphy; Middle: Mr. Dickerson, Ms. Milkie & daughter Angelica, Mr. Gunty and family; Bottom: Ms. Martinez, Ms. Lindenmeyer, Mr. Somerville



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