This is part of a series of blogs from Noble campus representatives to give a deeper look at campus life. 

For the past six years, Muchin College Prep has been able to assist alumni with financial support through the generous and annual Baxter Inc. Go the Distance Scholarship program donations. As MCP seniors and alumni decide whether college is an option, one of the many hurdles they will face is affordability. Unfortunately, this financial gap is enough for alumni to decide never to enroll in college or not return for the coming semester. Thus, the Baxter Scholarship is crucial because it helps our alumni afford their college education.

Muchin’s College Team and past Scholarship Committees have assisted in the participant selection process every year which awards seniors during Senior College Signing Night. Recipients are typically awarded up to $5,000 to cover tuition fees or course materials. Scholarships are given to graduating seniors and persisting alumni who have a strong academic record, need financial aid and will attend a university outside of Chicago. HUGE shout out to every single person who has been a part of the selection and advocating process to continue to receive the funds and a BIG Congratulations to all the past winners who are still pursuing their dreams and the new winners for the SY 2020-21!! #ToAndThrough

Written by: Evie Deavila

Thank you, from our scholars:
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