This is part of a series of blogs from Noble campus representatives to give a deeper look at campus life. 

This year Gary Comer Middle School is welcoming back its student council with Mrs. Briggs as the sponsor! While Comer Middle has had a student council in the past, it has been over two years since the last one was active. As Gary Comer Middle, along with the rest of Noble, continues on its path to becoming an anti-racist organization, student leadership will be a necessary stepping stone in that work.

Why Student Council?

When speaking with Mrs. Briggs about the importance of having a student council, the most impactful reason was to give students leadership roles, as well as, teach practical government skills and self-reflection. There are also many scholarships available for middle schoolers that look for leadership initiatives. By joining the student council, scholars are able to build a resume early and become more qualified for these opportunities. 

The current student council members all mentioned leadership experiences and providing student perspectives as reasons why it’s important to have a student council. As Norah, one of the 6th-grade members put it, “It is important for GCMS to have a student council because being able to have a group of people, who are your age represent you makes you feel like you are being heard! When you feel like you are being heard, you feel more comfortable in a school environment.” This sentiment is echoed by many of the members. 

What student council wants to bring to school?

When asking Mrs. Briggs what she hopes the student advisory council would brings to the school she responded, “I hope that the SAC will promote more student voice and result in the development of student-led programs, activities, and an overall better learning environment for students,” a sentiment echoed by London S, an 8th-grade member who also hopes to bring meaningful change to the school as well. 

* Not Pictured Brooklyn H, Mrs. Beristain 6th Grade

“It is important for GCMS to have a student council because being able to have a group of people, who are your age represent you makes you feel like you are being heard!”

– Norah, 6th-grade

Erin R., a 7th grader, has high hopes for the student council, “I hope that student council brings joy to every student at GCMS. Because  of this pandemic, It’s hard to find joy or something to look up to in life.” Many other council members also would like to bring competitions and activities to students. Eighth-grader Milan, also hopes that along with activities, it encourages other students to join and continue to represent student leadership. 

 Mrs. Briggs and the scholars are all excited to get to know each other, provide a positive experience to other students, and get student elections underway. When thinking about antiracism, it is important to think about who gets to be at the decision-making table. Layla D, 8th grade, leaves us with a reminder about change, “Change is good when everybody participates and shares their ideas. Nothing will change if students don’t participate. The student council will invite students to share their ideas.” Change can be scary, but the changes Comer Middle is making to include more student voices can only help our school can only become a stronger, safer community for all scholars. 

Written by : Amy Agosta, Gary Comer Middle School

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