Today’s quarterly PD was another opportunity for Noble staff to pause and reflect on the second quarter of remote learning. “Please take today and tomorrow to lean into the learning, lean into your craft,” admonished Noble Head of Schools Ellen Metz, “your future self will thank you.” The collaboration began with the normal all-staff gathering via Zoom.

During the opening event, Noble’s Chief Equity Officer, Jennifer Reid Davis reflected on the progress we’ve made to continue Noble’s work toward realizing the commitments laid out by leadership this year. Davis highlighted the work that is happening across Noble from the DEI Steering Committee, within departments, with Noble Board members, and at campuses, to advance our commitment to becoming an antiracist organization. “There is so much more happening big and small and it takes all of those efforts to continue to move us forward to a more just future at Noble,” Davis said, “it takes you, all of you to help us get there.”

Following opening comments, all participants celebrated Noble’s newest Distinguished Teachers. The Distinguished Teacher program was officially founded in 2018 to recognize educators that deliver extraordinary results for Noble students. These 14 honorees represent a part of the 2020 cohort. Additional honorees will be awarded upon completion of the rigorous application process – which was halted due to school buildings closing in March.

View the Q2 PD All Staff Opening video below.

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