The art Webster is currently producing is music-driven, but he also enjoys other forms of storytelling like journalism, videography, documentaries and building websites.

Francesca Gattuso

Zachary Webster is determined to bring innovation to Chicago through the arts.

The 17-year-old high school senior at Gary Comer College Prep is a member of Free Spirit Media, an organization providing teens and young adults in communities on the city’s West and South Sides with a foundation in media literacy through hands-on media production experience. The program offers in-school art education, after school programs, summer digital media courses and advanced creative workforce development programs.

Webster credits his motivation to create to a solid friend group and the network of other teens at Free Spirit Media.

“I put myself in a circle of people that have really great work ethic,” Webster explains. “It pushes me forward to create amazing projects. My friend group is business-oriented as well as artistic, so we all create different types of art.”

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