Blessyn McMorris, a class of 2021 student and member of the cheer team at Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy, was recently awarded a 50 percent Division I scholarship to the University of Oregon, where she will be joining the university’s acrobatics and tumbling team with the roles of base and tumbler. She was also offered a Division I scholarship to Baylor University in Texas, though she chose to attend the former and expects to transfer up to 23 college credits through advanced placement and dual enrollment courses following graduation. 

With her roots in acrobatics and tumbling since age seven when Blessyn first joined cheer, she spent her first years mastering the fundamentals and learning new skills. At age 10, Blessyn tried out gymnastics and power tumbling, and although short-lived, the new experiences allowed her to realize where her strengths lie – in floor-based tumbling – leading her back to cheer, where she continued to refine her craft.

Acrobatics and Rowe-Clark intersected early for Blessyn, who began helping the school’s cheer team while still in middle school, even coaching them through stunts and tumbling before officially joining the cheer team upon her enrollment.

“I have always had a love for tumbling,” said Blessyn. “It’s really where I feel that I can express myself the most, and it’s what I enjoy most. I’m always in the gym, working on something new, trying to better myself.”

As an incoming member of the University of Oregon’s acrobatics and tumbling team, Blessyn says she’s excited about the possibilities the new chapter in athletics will bring, from the more advanced skills to acquire to the new types of conditioning she will undergo to get there. Moreover, considering the NCAA approved acrobatics and tumbling for its Emerging Sports for Women status in June, college-level acrobats and tumblers have more to be excited about than ever before.

Beyond athletics, Blessyn is also enthusiastically preparing for a new era of academics at the University of Oregon, where she plans to take on pre-optometry studies to pursue a career as an optometrist. In addition to the athletic scholarship, Blessyn also earned an academic scholarship of over $30,000 across four years based on her GPA.


Blessyn McMorris, Class of 2021
On her signing day with the University of Oregon Ducks Acrobatics and Tumbling Team

There is often much to consider for any student in this stage of life, and from time to time, things may feel overwhelming. Between balancing school, college preparation, athletics, and a social life, there is indeed a lot that goes into achieving this level of recognition. So, we asked Blessyn – what does it take?

“You definitely have to remain focused and remain disciplined. And just know that what you want is bigger than the ‘now,’” said Blessyn. “You have to be able to see why you’re doing it, and to remember why you’re doing it in the first place. So that the things that tempt you in the present – they don’t affect you in the future.”

Congratulations, Blessyn, and good luck as a University of Oregon Duck!

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