This is part of a series of blogs from Noble campus representatives to give a deeper look at campus life. 

Speer is excited to announce that Mr. Sanabria has been named as our new Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Representative. As a proud parent of five Noble Alumni, we are excited for the work that Mr. Sanabria will do alongside our Speer parents this year. We are grateful for all that Ms. Francois has contributed to PAC, and we know that Mr. Sanabria will pick up right where she left off. We met over Zoom and talked about how his experience as a Noble Parent and Noble Employee has prepared him for this new role. 

How did you first hear of Noble?
I first heard about Noble in 2007, when my wife and I decided where we wanted to send our children to high school. A Noble administrator came to our kid’s grammar school to speak with parents and tell them about a brand new Noble school called Pritzker College Prep that just opened in 2006. Pritzker had only been open for a year, and by sending our eldest son their first, we knew that the class sizes would be small, and he could get the most out of his education. So, we ultimately decided that Noble would provide a better opportunity than our neighborhood school. 

When did you start to get involved as a Noble Parent?
Since Pritzker was still new, a few staff members reached out and asked me to join the Parent Council. So my first step for getting involved was by participating in Pritzker’s founding Parent Advisory Council and volunteering to chaperone events. During the Parent Council meetings, we addressed parent concerns and upcoming student events and fundraisers. 

How did your career lead you to work for Noble?
Prior to working at Noble, I was teaching at an elementary school. I was in the process of looking for another school to transition to. During my past 12 years as a Noble Parent, I have built many relationships with administrators and teachers at Pritzker. It was those same relationships that helped me apply to teach at a brand new Noble school opening in the Belmont Cragin area called ITW David Speer Academy. I started working at Speer in 2015 as a teacher and have now transitioned to working alongside our Dean of Specialized Services as an English Language Learner translator for parents and students with Individualized Education Plans.

Sanabria Family Photo
Left to right: All Alum of Pritzker College Prep – Ariel (Class of 2011), Joshua (Class of 2015), Aleexis (Class of 2014), Jocelin (Class of 2012), Josiah (Class of 2019). 

Can you give us some background as to why you decided to take over this role?
I am taking over this role from our school’s previous leader Ms. Francois. Our principal, Mr. Kruger, and Ms. Francois reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in leading the Parent Advisory Council. I was extremely excited because I believe that I bring a unique perspective as the new PAC leader since I am both a Noble Parent who has previously participated in PAC meetings and as a Noble Employee who works as a translator and can reach out to both English and Spanish speaking parents. I understand how important parent voice is, and these meetings were instrumental in helping me stay engaged in my students’ education. 

What is the goal of Parent Advisory Council meetings?
My PAC meetings goal is to provide a safe space for parents (whether English or Spanish speaking) to express their voices and concerns. During our PAC meetings, parents will be able to voice opinions on Noble policies and practices and learn about communication tools such as creating emails, understanding basic technology, and learning to navigate their students’ educational experiences such as IEP meetings. Parents can also have the opportunity to participate in the Parent Leadership Series, where they can learn to become an advocate for their student’s education. Overall, PAC meetings are where parents can ask questions and better understand their child’s future at Noble. 

How do you communicate and reach out to parents?
I typically communicate with parents by phone. I call over ten families a day and have one-on-one conversations with them. I extend invitations to parents to join our PAC meetings and encourage them to get involved at Speer. I also send out invitations for PAC meetings through emails and announcements through our school’s weekly newsletter. I am currently working with our Noble Brand Ambassador to promote our meetings on social media to get more parents involved. Lastly, parents can also contact me via our PAC email: if they have any questions or are interested in joining.

What is something you are most excited to share with parents?
I am most excited to share my journey as a Noble parent. Since I have been an active parent with Noble for over 12 years, I have seen first hand the effect of Noble policies and practices and how they have changed over the years.  I am proud to show that my children are a testimonial of a Noble education.

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