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Drama Club at Baker College Prep has always been an expressive and creative space.  When the Pandemic hit in March of 2020 and our scholars were sent home for safety through virtual learning, a few of the Drama Club members wanted to keep this expression and creative space alive. The Club and Drama Classes were a few days into rehearsal for the end of year play when the Stay at Home order happened, so they definitely were a bit more dampened to not be able to produce their work in person.  Mrs. Ruiz (Drama and Speech Teacher), would meet via Zoom twice a week with the Club. They were planning on a virtual play with 5 characters.  Unfortunately, a few scholars were unable to continue and the Club was left with 3 members only. The spirit of these 3 was immovable!  They wanted to express, create, and showcase something even though the play with 5 characters was no longer possible. Then, the United States of America felt the inevitable powerful boiling earthquake of racism as we all witnessed Geroge Floyd’s murder by those who are supposed to protect and serve. One Drama Club day we met, just to check in after this happened. Emotions were deep and highly connected. Mrs. Ruiz and the three remaining creators decided they wanted to use their voices, thoughts, and expressions on this platform to share. Thus, the “Black Lives Matter: A Conversation from Baker College Prep” happened. It isn’t a performance, it isn’t super creative, it is what Theatre and the Arts have always been, meaningful and real. 

Seniors (now alumni) Jacqui Logan and Matthew Arrellano are joined with Sophomore (now Junior) Anuoluwapo Sanumi in this expression of emotions, thoughts, and raw feelings after the murder of George Floyd and in connection with the ongoing racism in our country. Allow yourself to hear these young adults’ voices and to truly sit alongside them as they use their hearts to express themselves.

Thank you.

Recorded and Written by Sydney Ruiz, Baker College Prep

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