Are there natural ways to prevent covid and survive it, like eating fruits, vegetables, and natural remedies?

What happens if you haven’t had a flu vaccine of any kind in over 30 years? Can this cause adverse side effects?

¿Es seguro para las mujeres embarazadas recibir la vacuna?

Where can u go to take the vaccine?

Can you spread covid after being vaccinated?

La vacuna antigripal te inyecta gripe, ¿la vacuna covid inyecta covid? si no, ¿por qué?

These were some of the questions submitted by community members to Dr. Susan Lopez, Rush University Medical Center, and Dr. Mercedes Carnethon, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine, during the Covid-19 Vaccine Community Townhall hosted on February 22. With the Covid-19 vaccination mobilization increasing across Chicago, we wanted to ensure that our community has access to vital information about the vaccines.

“From the start of this pandemic, we committed that we would get through this together….that we would prioritize the health and safety of the Noble community and the Chicago community,  and center decisions on equity”, expressed Constance Jones, Noble CEO.

Hear her thoughts about the vaccine as she addressed Noble staff during the quarter three all-staff gathering.

In the fall, Noble leaders began to work with community partners – CORE and the Chicago Department of Public Health – to address gaps in coronavirus testing specifically in the communities we serve. During this pandemic, neighborhoods, where Noble families live, have had the highest positivity rates in the city.  Noble opened our schools, to allow CORE to provide free testing for the virus. As of this writing (February 2021), nearly 5,000 Chicagoans have received free rapid coronavirus tests at Noble campuses across the city. 

In addition, Noble has worked to ensure Chicago’s children do not go without a meal during the school closure by serving more than 782,000 meals at Noble campuses since March 2020, including more than 21,000 meals handed out at coronavirus testing sites. And, to address the direct and devastating impact of the virus on families, our community has come together to raise more than $1,000,000 from philanthropic donations for the Noble Family Support Fund. This fund has provided direct financial support to more than 600 Noble families to date. 

Vaccination is the next step in this fight to eliminate Covid-19. Around the world, communities are listening to scientists and doctors to understand how the vaccine can impact them personally and as a community. The Noble community townhall is an opportunity to bring experts together to address the questions and concerns of our community. Dr. Carnethon and Dr. Lopez have worked on the front line of this pandemic from treating Covid-19 infected patients to studying the effects of this disease and informing the community about the vaccines. Dr. Carnethon encouraged participants, “if you are feeling hesitant about it [vaccination], keep talking about it, keep asking questions.”

In addition to sharing information, Noble is committed to providing access to the Covid-19 vaccine to those who can and desire to receive it, through partnerships with Esperanza Health Clinics and Lurie’s Children’s Hospital. This has resulted in every Noble staff person having at least one opportunity to receive the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine through our Noble partnerships. Our partners have also opened vaccination sites at Noble campuses.

Click below to watch the townhall video in English or with translation in Español and share this link with family and friends.

Informational slides provided by Dr. Susan Lopez to accompany the townhall

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