We opened today’s Q3 PD with the talents of our students, resonating hope in all of our ears. After almost a year of being in this pandemic it was a delight to witness the joy, insight, and pure grit of our Noble poets, performers, and Jazz band. Constance Jones, CEO, shared her feelings of hope, around the work Noble has done to live up to our Anti-racist Commitiment, which we announced in January. A few of the tangible ways we’ve lived out that commitment include the examination of policies and practices, ensuring all voices are heard, and addressing anti-Blackness.  

Dr. Janine Franklin touched on the Black Scholar Experience Working Group, a group dedicated to our Anti-Racist Commitment. This group focuses on listening to diverse student voices with a “nothing is off-limits” approach to dissect ways to enhance the student experience – specifically the Black boy experience. “…in order to create equitable experiences and outcomes for all, we have to ask ourselves who is having the least equitable experience in our network and begin designing there, at the margins”, Dr. J admonished staff. By listening to our most marginalized students, our belief is that we can create a better experience for all students. 

Constance Jones finished off the meeting discussing her personal journey toward understanding and eventually deciding to receive the Covid-19 vaccination. “We’ve all been on a journey over this last year.  I know I have,” Constance shared, “but the reality is this… the more our community gets vaccinated, and sooner, the more we can protect our broader Noble family and Chicago community. So I encourage you to get the vaccine if you are able to.” 

Throughout the pandemic, Noble has partnered with organizations to provide nearly 5,000 free rapid Covid tests at Noble campuses across the city.  We have also delivered over 780,000 meals and raised over one million dollars for the Noble Family Support Fund sending resources directly to families hit hard by the pandemic.

View the Q3 PD All Staff Opening and student performance videos below.

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