In a message shared with students and families, Noble released its plans for the fourth quarter of the academic year. 

Dear Noble Families, 

Three hundred sixty-five days ago was a typical Thursday for me. The itinerary included stopping into a packed coffee shop, walking on crowded sidewalks, riding an elevator jammed with giggling Muchin students, meetings with teammates, and smiling at colleagues. Just two days later, these most simple parts of life would disappear. There really aren’t words to adequately define the magnitude of the loss, confusion, and inconsistency each of us has faced this past year.  
In a time when there has been so much uncertainty, Noble has been a constant. All decisions made in the past year have been guided by a core belief in health and safety, a focus on student outcomes and experiences, and maintaining equitable access to learning and social-emotional support. As we look ahead to the last quarter of this school year, these core beliefs remain central to our decision-making, including this plan for Quarter 4 and beyond….. Read the full letter here.

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