On March 3, Noble hosted its third installment of the Noble Parent Leadership Series. This event was called Parent Empowerment: Amplify Your Strengths and Leverage Your Voice. During the event: 

  • Parents and guardians heard from our CEO, Constance Jones for the latest updates at Noble. 
  • The Government and Community Affairs Team shared Noble’s  Advocacy  priorities. These priorities are ones that will be discussed in Springfield this year and could affect Noble schools, our students, and our alumni. 
  • In order to advocate for these priorities, parents were able to choose an advocacy platform that was comfortable to them. They had two choices either advocating verbally or through a written medium. This platform will help parents to share their authentic stories with those who are making decisions both at Noble itself and in the many forms of government that affect Noble. 
  • Finally, the college team gave information to families about access to College Scholarships from 6th to 12th grade. 

There were over 75 parents that attended from across all 18 Noble campuses. 

If you missed it, you always have the opportunity to advocate for your student and your school: 

  • Sign up for “Lunch and Learns”: These are opportunities for parents to connect, during breakfast, lunch, or dinner (depending on your availability) to sharpen your advocacy skill of storytelling. This workshop is applicable for any parent or guardian and can be applied to any situation in your workspace or community. Sign up here.
  • Send a Thank You to Your Elected Official: Stand for Children is a non-profit education advocacy organization focused on ensuring all students receive a high quality, relevant education. They have worked with elected officials in supporting the Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading (CRTL) Standards. We ask that if you could take 3 minutes to click the link in the chat, fill out your information, and click send to the email. Take a moment to read the email that is being sent on your behalf and feel free to edit the text if you’d like. https://actnow.io/zt4hemA  
  • Sign Up for the Noble Advocacy Newsletter: You can sign up here. 

For more information about any of these opportunities, reach out to your campus community organizer. 

  • Ellen Moiani (emoiani@nobleschools.org) – DRW, Rowe-Clark
  • Luriel Ocampo (locampo@nobleschools.org) – Pritzker, Golder, Noble Street, Rauner, Speer
  • Pattilyn Beals (pbeals@nobleschools.org) – Johnson, Hansberry, Butler, Baker, Gary Comer College Prep, Gary Comer Middle School
  • Alan Gonzalez (alagonzalez@nobleschools.org) – UIC, Chicago Bulls, Muchin, Mansueto, The Noble Academy

Have other ideas of stories we should share? Please send your ideas to communications@nobleschools.org

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