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This year, fifty Chicago young artists were named in the Rising Star Honor Roll by Allstate. Mayor Lightfoot said the honorees this year are “authors of Chicago’s story.” 2020 Rising Star Honor Roll is part of the “My Chi. My Future.” initiative to connect youth to their artistic passions.

Chicago Bulls College Prep’s very own Javier Martinez was named one of the honorees this year due to his exceptional talent and passion for music. Javier is currently a senior at Bulls who was born and raised in Chicago who has spent the vast majority of his life embracing his Mexican heritage by spending time with his family in the Little Village neighborhood. He says he found his true passion and appreciation for music in his sophomore year of high school and believes music is the only language that he will continuously study.

His love for music has been encouraged by those he surrounds himself with. Javier said “my family, my friends, teachers/mentors, and God have always been so super supportive of me.” Javier took it into his own hands at an early age by continuing to take music classes in school, learning from his family, and continuing his studies of music at the Merit School of Music for honors in music. This meant that he was learning different instruments such as his favorite at the moment, guitar, piano, accordion, and many more!  Since music is such an important part of Javier’s life, he doesn’t see his music studies as homework but rather truly enjoys learning from different styles.

When he was notified that he had been nominated as a 2020 Rising Star honoree, he did not initially know that his talent would soon be recognized by so many. After completing an original piece for submission, he quickly went back to work on remote learning and college applications. It was not until he thought his father received a piece of mail from the city, then realizing what it was,  “Javier this is for you!”. After reading through the Rising Star Honoree information, Javier and his family were thrilled that all of the hard work and his love for music was truly being recognized.

Javier is beyond grateful and humbled to be named one of fifty young ‘Rising Stars’ artists because he recognizes that there are so many talented young artists in our city. Music is such a big part of his life that he hopes to continue learning and playing music when he pursues his undergraduate studies in the fall of 2021. While he is keeping his options open for schools to apply to, his priority is to attend a school where he can continue to learn and grow his love for music.

Written by: Sonia Pulido, Chicago Bulls College Prep

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