This past fall, the philanthropy committee from DRW Trading Foundation awarded DRW College Prep a multi-year grant to build out a Computer Science program. In an effort to encourage more DRW students to pursue STEM vocations, the campus has been developing a robust program that will be a part of their student experience in the 2021-2022 school year and beyond. This program will give students access to daily instruction that can enhance their knowledge base and expose them to skill sets that are needed for college and a variety of STEM careers.

DRW’s new Computer Science Program Director, Irnessa Campbell, has embarked on a listening tour of North Lawndale in efforts to create a Computer Science Curriculum. “The goal of listening to all stakeholders involved with computer science”, Irnessa states, “is making sure I am building a program that encompasses all of the needs of the students, community, and school. I am building a program for North Lawndale and the needs that this community is faced with so that we can prosper in the field of technology.”

Irnessa will continue this listening tour throughout the Spring. Her next steps are to continue to plan the curriculum, set up the computer lab, and engage with more focus groups, tours, and other outreach once the lab is up and running. We are grateful for all of the support and positive feedback we have been receiving from the community about this program. We are also thankful for our partners at DRW Trading for making this opportunity possible for our scholars in North Lawndale.

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