In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Noble aims to destigmatize mental health and provide resources to students, staff, alumni, parents and community members

This Wednesday evening we hosted a virtual town hall centered on addressing the mental, emotional and physical wellness and health for the collective Noble community. The event served as a culmination point following two weeks of virtual healing circles, yoga, and meditation sessions offered to students, staff, alumni, parents and community members as a part of the  “Mental Health Matters: A Hope & Healing Series at Noble,” a virtual space for the Noble community to grieve, heal and move forward collectively amid COVID-19 and racism.

The event was hosted by Noble community organizer Pattilyn Beals and was also led by five of our community partners who are deeply invested in the betterment of mental health, including:

● Tytannie Harris, CEO and Founder, TMH Behavioral Services
● Unique Jordan, Owner and Founder, A Unique Perspective, LLC
● Susan Resko, CEO and President, The Josselyn Center
● Johnny Reed, President and Founder, ProjectHEAL Inc.
● Lucia Rodriguez, School Social Worker, Suburban School District
● Andrea Contreras, The Noble Academy parent, medical health practitioner
   and translator

Answering questions ranging from what signs to look for in ourselves and our loved ones to recognize mental health concerns to anticipated challenges as the world begins to reopen, panelists sought to destigmatize mental health, discuss shared traumatic experiences as a means of collective validation, and offer hope through inspiration as well as mental health resources such as strategies, tools and tips.

“As humans, we all face various challenges. There is no doubt that with all that has been endured over the last year and a half, including COVID-19, racial injustice, civil unrest, depression, isolation anxiety and a host of other things, we all have some room for healing,” said Beals. “We know that the journey to healing looks different for everyone and the topic of mental health can be complex, but we see it is our responsibility to ensure that our Noble family can properly grieve and believe it’s imperative that we hold this space.”

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