Dear Noble Family,

In January, we released Noble’s commitment to anti-racism (ARC), authored by our network-wide DEI Steering Committee. This commitment pushes Noble to be a more just organization, honor the work, voices, perspectives, and experiences of all of our people, and strive to be actively antiracist in all that we do. We know that anti-racism is a journey, not a destination and it is a journey we are committed to doing together.

Since the launch of the ARC, Noble has done a lot of work. We set out to center the voices of our community as we examine and redesign some of our core practices and structures, and started listening.  In January, we received 1,268 responses from Noble staff about what we must prioritize in our DEI and antiracist efforts. The resounding response was that we needed to prioritize student engagement, support, and teaching and learning in our classrooms. The results were clear; we must address and dismantle the racist practices in our Student Code of Conduct. Nothing else is more important to our teachers and staff. 

Later, we launched our Reimagine Noble Community Survey, asking about things such as Noble’s commitment to college, our Student Code of Conduct, and the uniform policy.  We received 3,971 responses from our families, students, alumni, and community members and followed up with phone banking in March where we called parents and families to ensure that every voice was heard and recognized.  What is clear is this: our parents and students have very high hopes and aspirations. Our students and parents choose Noble because of our unwavering commitment to college and positive multigenerational change for themselves and their communities. 

After hearing from the Noble community- we got to work and are still working. This direct feedback provided guidance on our decision-making, and this Spring, 300 stakeholders – staff, students, parents, and alumni – helped to make changes to our policies and practices.  Next year, our vision and values will double down on how we deliver on our promises to families and each other through humanity, dignity, and excellence. Our beliefs about what must be true in our classrooms are being clarified and centered in rigor and relevance. Our student uniform will be expanded to include more choices and options for our students – while still prioritizing safety and identity. And the biggest shift is in our Student Code of Conduct. We know that our Black Scholar Experience Working Group shared thirteen resolutions in February which removed subjective demerits. Our work this spring pushes us to reimagine a Noble without a demerit system all together and build a new framework,The Noble Community Pact, that is centered in restorative practices, interventions, social-emotional learning, and more parent communication and partnership. All while maintaining our relentlessly high expectations for ourselves and our students which prepare them for life after Noble, in college and beyond.

By the end of the school year, we will share final policies and guidance so that school leadership teams can work through training in preparation for the Fall. At our Noble Leadership Conference at the end of June, leaders & staff will engage in more professional development and then all through August our entire organization will engage in even more development to make sure we implement at the highest level. I will be in that development with you because this work will take all of us.

This past year has been full of lessons. We are all learning new things. But know that we are learning them together. We are growing together. We are changing together. I’m right here next to you – alongside you. We are in this together.

Constance Jones

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