In a live streamed interview from TED, Jones provides insights on how she has led during the pandemic and how we can all step up and lead in a time of crisis

CHICAGO—Constance Jones, CEO of the Noble Network of Charter Schools, was recently featured in an online interview hosted by TED Conferences as the first guest in the company’s LinkedIn live series titled “New Ways to Lead (No Matter Who You Are).” In the interview, Jones discusses leadership with Helen Walters, TED’s head of curation, and addresses how we can all step up and lead in a time of crisis, concluding with a live Q&A portion in which she answered viewer-submitted questions. The full conversation can be found here.

Touching on subjects such as communication strategies, improving amid a time of uncertainty and, in such a large organization, how she synthesizes large amounts of information while ensuring all voices are heard, Jones highlights the importance of listening, humility, accountability and leading with the heart. Additional topics raised include supporting staff and students through the transition to remote learning, the value of collaboration and continuing to lead through the inevitable feelings of tiredness and depletion that often accompany leadership positions.

Jones also discussed how the lessons she learned from moving into Noble’s CEO role at a time of crisis laid part of the groundwork for her position and outlook when responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. “It was certainly a lesson in listening and being humble and ownership, but, also, I learned a lot about hope and how it’s important in the moment of crisis to really push people to look beyond the crisis. It doesn’t mean that we don’t acknowledge what’s happening now. We have to do that. We have to sit in that. But we also have to give people hope,” said Jones. “So in this case, it was listening to our alums, listening to our students, listening to our staff and seeking their input to help us build a better future and tomorrow that we can all be excited about.”


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