In part two of our Anti-Racism Commitment (ARC) Diálogo, we talked with three staff members who took part in the ARC design and refine process in spring 2021. This process included many meetings with staff, students, alumni, and families. These meetings ultimately led to creating our next steps in becoming an anti-racist organization and our new Noble Community Pact (NCP).


Cicele Bennett is the Dean of Students at Golder College Prep and sat in on the Black Scholar Working Group Committee and the Academic Operations Design Team, as well as the team that created the NCP.

Carlos Rivas is the Alumni & External Affairs Manager at UIC College Prep and was part of the Academic Operations Design Team.

Emily Lockhart is the principal at Muchin College Prep and participated in the Student Code of Conduct Team.


Bennett, Rivas, and Lockhart touch on many topics: The calls they heard from students and families on how school policy should change. How the Community Pact will change the ways we hire. How it will change how our teachers interact with students. And overall, how our students’ experience will look like as a whole at Noble with these new policy changes.

For example, Bennett and Rivas honed in on how the new Community Pact will give students more autonomy to better prepare them for college.

“I think Noble has gotten really good at getting kids in [to college] and we’re now pulling some levers that can go past that, get our kids to graduate from college,” Bennett said, “We’re going to give [students] a more holistic experience. An experience that really takes who you are and centers that… so that you can see yourself as a college graduate.”

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