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At graduation, Noble students are equipped with a rigorous education, built-in support for alumni, broad enrichment experiences, more than 40 hours of community service, and many have already participated in summer college courses before enrolling in college

As Noble expands, an increasing number of Noble alumni attend college across the nation each year. What began in 2003 when Noble Street College Prep’s first class of 80 graduates matriculated to college has grown to 17 Noble campuses graduating 2,000 seniors this past spring and enrolled in college for the fall of 2017. These students join Noble’s alumni network of 10,000 graduates who are attending or will attend almost 200 colleges and universities across this nation during the coming school year.

Our alumni face many more unique obstacles than most of their collegiate counterparts as they pursue college degrees. At Noble, we work tirelessly to help our alumni overcome these challenges and matriculate through college to graduation.

As a part of the first graduating class from Noble Street, I decided to come back and work at Noble to give to others the care and education that was afforded to me many years ago. Having worked with other organizations, none gave me the sense of belonging to a family like Noble has. Going to work each day is like coming home.
Jacquelin Arroyo

Noble alumna teaching at Noble's UIC College Prep


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First-generation College Students

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College Counseling

Our commitment to our students’ success does not end with their high school graduation. Since 84% of our graduates are first generation college students, Noble works tirelessly to help our alumni overcome the challenges they face in college. Each campus has a dedicated Alumni Coordinator who provides individualized support and tracks alumni. For colleges, this means Noble is an active partner in working to improve college persistence and matriculation to graduation. Learn more about the support we offer Noble alumni.

College Admissions Officers – Interested in learning more about our campuses and/or meeting Noble scholars?

Contact the College Counselors listed in the directory below for more information about any of our Noble campuses.

Attend the Noble Network College Fair and meet more than 2,500 juniors from 17 Noble campuses on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 (10am-1pm). For more information contact Eric Rapp at

Campus Rep Visit Schedule Rep Visit Contact Contact Email
Baker College Prep T ,Th (12:05PM-12:40PM), by appt only Carlos Garcia
Butler College Prep W (3:15PM-3:45PM), M and F by appointment only Camielle Taylor
Chicago Bulls College Prep M-W (3:10PM-3:40PM) Kasie McElroy
DRW College Prep M-Th (12:00-12:45) LaShaun Crosby
Gary Comer College Prep T, W, Th (7:45AM-8:15AM) and M & Th (3:30PM-4:00PM) Ivory Duncan
Golder College Prep T, W (12:50-1:20PM), M-Th (3:50-4:50PM) Julianne Horning
Hansberry College Prep M-Th (3:35PM-4:00PM) Kameshia Ward
Maisia Reid
Leah Rietveld
David Speer Academy By appointment only Maritza Francois
Johnson College Prep By appointment only Chivon Ford
Mansueto High School M-Th (11:05AM-11:45AM and 2:50PM-3:30PM for seniors, 2:50PM-3:30PM only for juniors), F (12:20PM – 1:10 PM juniors and seniors) Nikki Desgrosellier
Muchin College Prep M-Th (11:45AM-12:15PM) Paul Farrand
Noble Street College Prep M, W 12:16pm-12:39pm and 12:44pm-1:07pm by appointment only Alyssa Arroyo-Kearney
Pritzker College Prep M-Th (3:15PM-3:50PM), or by appointment Sarah Kruger
Rauner College Prep M-Th (11:35AM-12:05PM), or by appointment Julie Dreifuss
Rowe Clark M, W (12:57PM-1:36PM) or by appointment Onel Abreu
The Noble Academy M-W (10:40-11:15 am) or by appointment Sarah MacCallum
UIC College Prep T-Th (3:05p-3:35p) limited lunch visits (10:45a-11:10a) Megan Camacho