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Colette James

Learning Specialist

About – Colette James

She was born and raised in St. Lucia, located in the West Indies. She migrated to the U.S. when She was six years old. She lived the majority of her life in New York and will always considered NY home, outside of St. Lucia. She has lived in Illinois for about fourteen years now. She has two daughters. She enjoys alone time, and am an introvert. She has worked at UICCP as long as She have lived in Illinois. She continues to work there because of the environment and the students. They are and will always be the reason she does the work that she does. The impact she is able to have on their lives, but most importantly the mark they leave on mine is what keeps her going. She is interested in more than just teaching a student math. She is also interested, if not more, in helping them find their path and be able humans in society who know enough to not be taken advantage of.