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David Gonzalez

11th Physics and AP Physics

About – David Gonzalez

I come from a small town called Manteno in Illinois. I have previously worked in mental health as a counselor for an underprivileged to those who had severe mental illness such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, and dementia. Although my time in this field was a great experience, I felt it was important for me to step into a different avenue which is what brought me into education. My favorite trip has been the trip I took to Colorado about 4 years ago. I work at UICCP because not only does it align with many of my own philosophies and allows me the opportunity to help students reach PMC. I am excited to meet new staff and students at UIC along with advancing everything I learned my first year at UIC. My goal in life is to consistently stay curious and it is my hope to instill the knowledge I have acquired along with consistently acquiring to my students.