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Javonta Howard

In-House Substitute Teacher

About – Javonta Howard

Hi, he is Javonta Howard. He is from Oak Park, IL, where He graduated and attended Oak Park and River Forest High School, where his love for becoming an educator developed. He loves to travel; however, his favorite trip was when He visited India. Although the city has a high property rate, India is filled with beautiful colors and people. One thing you will discover about him is that He love chicken. It’s not cultural, and it’s not stereotypical, just a portion of food He only enjoy way too much. Furthermore, he wouldn't say He liked high school; however, his favorite activity was anything with the arts. He works at UICCP because He believe in the mission and vision of UICCP. Coming from a high school that did not always respond to social matters was frustrating as a black man, and He want to be in a place where not only does his skin color matter but educating and influence new generations to break generational and social curses. In addition, he is excited to meet the staff and students of UICCP and is excited to develop as an educator. One goal He have is to learn from staff and students and to build a connection with his community At UICCP.

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