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Jovana Cruz

Return to School Specialist (Ops)

About – Jovana Cruz

She was born in Mexico but grew up in Chicago, and She LOVE her city! Everyone grows up differently in communities, she sees the different paths people take in her neighborhood and She appreciate mine and her upbringing. She loves to travel, her heart loves San Diego, the experience there was so unique and truly relaxing. She hopes to go back there again! It is very fun to be back at a school; it brings back memories. She was always fond of school and high school really taught her about herself as well as about connecting. She works here in hopes to make her peers lives easier and to make a change of her own. She’s so excited to become a resource for not only students but the staff as well. She always remembers and appreciate school staff when She was in school to this day. Strong believer of our actions today impact tomorrow. A goal She have for herself to be optimistic. With the world changing so much these last couple years it may be hard to be positive. Let’s have a great positive year!

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