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Julia Damon

Learning Specialist

About – Julia Damon

Her name is Julia. She loves the color purple, yoga, music, movement, and good energy. She has an appreciation for Zodiac signs, astrology, and Tarot cards, although She still have a lot to learn about these things. She loves to read, which is good since She’s a reading teacher. She has no patience for podcasts or audio books because She need visuals, although this would save her a lot of money on books. She is learning French on DuoLingo, though Spanish would be a better use of her time. She is a city girl and also love the ocean and the mountains. She loves teenagers, all of their energy, thoughts, feelings, visions, and creativity. She is passionate about advocacy, collaboration, and peace. She’s 38, have been in education in the city of Chicago for 13 years, have learned a lot, and have a lot to learn. She is looking forward to meeting new students this year, seeing returning ones, and hopeful about promoting literacy and a love for learning and reading.

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