Picture of Lucia Ramirez

Lucia Ramirez

12th Grade Spanish Teacher

About – Lucia Ramirez

She’s Ms. Ramirez and She was born in Morelia, Michoacán. At eight years old, she moved to Chicago's Southside and began learning English. In elementary school, she attended a school that was affiliated to the Chicago Children's Choir; this experience shaped her world vision and taught her the beautiful diversity of our world through music. She attended Lane Tech high school in Chicago's north side and loved taking journalism class and writing for the school newspaper. This amazing experience led her to choose her major in journalism. Right after graduating high school, she moved back to her hometown Morelia and did her Bachelor's and Master's there. While She was in college, she began teaching English as an additional language (EAL) and quickly rediscovered her passion for teaching. She says "rediscover" because growing up, she always found happiness in teaching and mentoring younger children. When She is not teaching, she enjoys traveling the world! She has visited many countries and has had the pleasure of sharing these travels with the people She love most, her family and her students. One of her favorite experiences was visiting Thailand with students in the summer 2019. This school year, she hopes to continue learning from her students and finding ways to bring joy to our classroom each and every day, all while sharpening our Spanish language skills!