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Paola Herrera

12th ELA teacher

About – Paola Herrera

I am recently new to Chicago, I moved from Rhode Island a couple of months ago, but am eager to learn more about the city and build new connections! I attended a really competitive magnet college prep high school, despite that, I really enjoyed high school (particularly all the history and science courses). I am very grateful to have gone to a school that made an effort to expose students to various different fields/interests. However, what I remember most are the connections I made with some of my teachers, and the fact that they constantly pushed me to think critically and question everything around me. This is a concept that I hope to pass on to students within the UIC community.
I just recently graduated from University of Rhode Island, with Bachelors of Arts in Black Studies, Film Studies and Communications. I am currently in graduate school for my Masters in Library Science, with a concentration in exploring alternative archives, (I am currently researching the ways that things like music, language, food, dance, fashion can serve as an encapsulation of time/culture and be used as a form of historical archives).
I spend a lot of time cooking and exploring different dishes, however, my favorite dish is Griyo (fried pork) with some sweet plantains and a passion-fruit juice.
I don't have a specific favorite trip, however, growing up in the East Coast I had the opportunity to visit many different cities. I usually spend a lot of time on the road, just me and my camera exploring different regions. One of my ultimate goals is to actually visit every state.
I am really excited to be able to serve as a resource to students in any way possible, and to show students that learning can be fun!