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Ken Richmond

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Hello All, His name is Ken Richmond, and He was born and raised on the near west side of Chicago. He grew up less than a mile from the school. Throughout his years of school, he played football and Track and Field. He went to school his entire life in Chicago. After graduating from Northeastern Illinois, he has finally delivered an opportunity to work around the U.S and abroad. Throughout his years, he worked in several different countries for two to three months at a time. He had the opportunity to live in the Philippines for nearly a year. Although He have been in sales most of his career, he had the opportunity to work in different roles at other schools. He found myself doing meaningless work and thought of what He could do with the experience and knowledge He now know, which was to pay it forward. He examined many things He enjoyed doing, so He decided to go back to school so He could give back to the communities He grew up in. His goal during this year is to make an impact on others so that they can go off in the world and pay it forward.

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