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Thais Evans

9th Grade Biology Teacher

About – Thais Evans

His name is Thais Evans. He is a Black man from Gainesville, Florida. He went to Eastside High School and graduated in 2006. After He graduated He took a year and figured out what was his next move. He ended up going to Santa Fe College in Gainesville and got his Associates Degree in Business Administration. After that He started substitute teaching and that is what initially led him to education. He enjoyed interacting with the students and so He decided that He wanted to pursue a career in education. He got enrolled to the College of Education at the University of Florida and received his Bachelor’s Degree in spring of 2016. Since that time He have traveled and lived in different cities and states. He loves to see new places and experience different cultures. He recently came to the Chicago area last year. He is excited to see what the city has to offer. He enjoys working with the youth of Noble UIC. There are so many stories and history that students bring with them every day. He is looking forward to meeting new students and reconnecting with older ones. His goal this year, as always, is to push myself and his students so that we can emerge with a better understanding.