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A Culture of Excellence

Along with rigorous academics and physical fitness, our school culture is one of the primary levers that makes CBCP unique. Our culture is defined by making others better, displaying no fear and no embarrassment, and having a high attention to detail.

Making Others Better

The simple goal of leadership is to make other people better. At CBCP, we do this by holding one another to incredibly high standards in all areas. We care enough to keep each other accountable instead of lowering our expectations. We lead from the front by never asking someone else to do what we’d be unwilling to do ourselves, and we take responsibility for the consequences of others. We provide support to reach the highest expectations via a collective definition of success.

No Fear, No Embarrassment

Most people are afraid of failure. Most people only like to do things they’re already good at or that are easy to become good at. At CBCP, we fail well. We seek constant improvement and know that failure is not to be avoided. Failure is actually the key to success. This allows us to have no fear and no embarrassment when it comes to becoming vulnerable. We put ourselves out there to try and answer difficult questions because we know we won’t be laughed at for being incorrect. We’re not embarrassed to look foolish as we try new things and struggle with them. We know that real bravery involves vulnerability. We know that each failure brings us closer to excellence.

High Attention to Detail

$60,000 cars are often fast. $250,000 cars are also fast. Both have powerful engines, sleek interiors, and are considered high-performing. But the difference between good and the truly exceptional will always be in the attention to detail. The $60,000 car will have things like adjustable leather seats and a beautiful Swiss movement clock in the dash. The $250,000 car will have air conditioning vents built into its adjustable leather body cushions, a 24K gold bezel with encrusted diamonds in its console timepiece, and a design that will border on art. Jim Collins once said that good is the enemy of great. This is because “good” is “good enough” for so many people. Greatness is rare, it is our pursuit, and this is why we pay incredibly high attention to detail.


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