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Enrichment credits are classes or activities undertaken outside of the regular school schedule. Students are encouraged to pursue their unique interests and are required to complete a minimum of 100 hours or 1.0 enrichment credits over their four years of high school. A minimum of 25 hours of enrichment classes, sports, or community service is needed for each 0.25 credit. Students failing to meet the enrichment requirement at the end of the year must complete a summer school enrichment for $25 to be promoted to the next grade level or to graduate.

For each grade level, students must meet the enrichment requirement as follows to be promoted or to graduate:

  • 9th Grade – 0.25 enrichment credit
  • 10th Grade – 0.5 total enrichment credit
  • 11th Grade – 0.75 total enrichment credit
  • 12th Grade – 1.0 total enrichment credit
  • Total: 1.0 total enrichment credit required by end of senior year to graduate

Outside Enrichment Pre-Approval Form
Approved Community Service Site List
Pre-approval Site Letter – for a site that is NOT on our approval list.
Community Service Documentation Form – to be taken with the student at all community service events